How To Open Your Pole Studio

Philip can be hired as a consultant to help you make a strategic business plan to open your pole studio. Advertising, social media, Insurance and liability, Studio design and apparatus, online business transactions and scheduling coaching all included.  

Pole Studio Owner/Individual Website Design and Content Management

If you are looking to have a website built for yourself or studio Philip can help you find the right design and create content to make a professional looking and easy to navigate site.  

Philip Deal Signature Combos and Choreography Beginner/Intermediate 90 min

In this workshop Philip will teach his favorite pole combos suitable for new students and those moving up towards intermediate classes, a lot of work at the base of the pole and spins. No inversions. It will also include a choreographed routine with Philip's signature style. 

Philip Deal Signature Combos and Choreography Intermediate/Advanced 90 min

In this workshop Philip will teach his favorite pole combos. More advanced spin combos and transitions. Must be able to aerial chopper and aerial shoulder mount It will also include a choreographed routine with Philip's signature style. 

Stripper Style 90 min

This class is for all levels and focusses on floor work and dance moves. Classic stripper style and a choreographed routine by the end of class.

Basic Training 90 min

This is Philip's "boot camp". It is a hardcore pole conditioning class. All of the exercises are the foundation for creating a solid foundation in pole. All levels welcome, but will include aerial conditioning. 

Teacher Training Full Weekend Of Training

Philip is available to run a weekend of teacher training. He offers "Virgin", Level One, and Level Two. Must be booked sequentially.  

Hand Balancing/Shoulder Stabilizing 90 min

This class is all about body weight training and cross training for pole dancers. You do not have to be able to hold a handstand to take this class. This class focuses on the hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, spinal alignment, core, and prep for more advanced hand balancing. The exercises range from Yoga, Parkour, gymnastics, animal flow, and many others. 

Competition Coaching/Choreography

Philip loves to help students prep for competition. Advice on song, costume, choreography, and critique all inclusive. This can also be done remotely via Facetime or Skype.

Private Lessons

Are available in person or via Facetime and Skype

Terms and conditions

All of Philip's travel and accommodations are the responsibility of the host studio/competition. Flight and hotel bookings must be arranged and confirmed with initial down payment of services ($500). For basic workshops the individual fee is $50, studio owner can not up charge more than $15. A minimum of 10 students per workshop, two workshops have to be booked. Full payment must be received one week prior to arrival. Private lessons are $100 per student, $75 per student in a semi private and can be scheduled at anytime. Video is allowed in the workshop for students personal use but may not be shared on social media. For consultations on opening a studio or website design you must email Philip a complete comprehensive overview of you business plan or concept. Philip's rates are than based on time. If you desire consultation via Facetime or Skype there must be a two hour initial call scheduled ($100). Philip's rate for running a Teacher Training at your studio is $650 per teacher with a four teacher minimum. Workshop will run from 8 am to roughly 6 pm Saturday and Sunday with a lunch break. 

You can contact Philip directly through this website on the contact page.